Fluoride in Your Water Supply: Poisonous or Miraculous?…You Decide

Chances are that if you live in North America, your tap water contains trace amounts of Fluoride intentionally added to the water supply by local, provincial or state governments.

The obvious benefits asserted by proponents of Water Fluoridation are that when added in trace amounts, Fluoride will safely and effectively combat tooth decay. Proponents also claim that Fluoridation Promotes societal health even to the disadvantaged and most vulnerable. In addition, Fluoride supporters, (hereinafter termed “Fluoriphiles”), rely on the past 60 years of fluoridation history to justify it continuing into the future. Fluoriphiles also argue that because some professional medical associations fully endorse water fluoridation as a safe and effective way to improve dental health, it must be safe. However, there is a far from clear consensus among experts on the need and safety of Fluoride in our drinking water. The answer may depend on who you ask. Uncovering the truth is key.

60 years of societal complacency and unquestioning deference to “the authorities” only continues to bury democracy further into the ground. Accepting Fluoridation is not the problem but accepting the mere words alone of those in positions of power without critically investigating the evidence for yourself is foolish. Don’t allow yourself to become a sheep en route to the slaughterhouse. Look at the objective evidence and decide your own destiny. Words alone of those with authority and status must be supported with real evidence.

The toxic characteristics of Fluoride have been revealed through various animal studies. Fluoride is classified as an immunotoxin, neurotoxin, and a carcinogen. Fluoride has also been reported to inhibit the proper biological functioning of bodily tissues including the thyroid gland and others.  According to the Fluoride Action Network, in 2010 alone, more than 100 animal studies have linked fluoride to brain damage, and 24 additional studies in humans have found an association between high levels of fluoride in drinking water and reduced intelligence.

Fluorifiles rely on the fact that nations that participate in Fluoridation have lower rates of tooth decay than nations that don’t Fluoridate. 98% of Western Europe rejects Fluoridation yet the rates of tooth decay are on equivalent  grounds with North Amercian Nations. Additionally, British Columbia, (which does not Fluoridate in 95% of regions) and Alberta (which Fluoridates in 75% of regions) maintain very similar rates of dental health, despite their great differences in Fluoridation practices. This outcome casts doubt on the idea that Fluoridation is necessary for dental health to prevail. Besides, with the ample availability of toothpaste, mouthwash, dental professionals, and oral hygiene practices, Fluoridated water is even less necessary than ever before.

There is no need to swallow Fluoride. It is not an essential nutrient nor is it a desirable supplement. Even toothpaste tubes provide stern warnings against harmful affects associated with swallowing the fluoride-laced contents.   What little benefit Fluoridated water may offer comes through topical application. This means that Fluoride’s ability confer its benefits on teeth requires that it be applied to the surface of the tooth enamel. As such, there is little reason for Fluoride to be swallowed and ingested into the body in order to work on the teeth which can be attained topically through a good toothpaste brushing, or fluoride rinse at the dentist. After all, you wouldn’t swallow sunscreen to protect your skin from burning. Likewise, swallowing Fluoride offers little benefit to protecting your tooth enamel.

It is quite interesting how many chemicals intentionally added to the public drinking system such as chlorine or bromine are added for the purpose of treating the water itself for impurities to keep it clean. However, Fluoride is not added for the purpose of treating the water. Rather it is added for the sole purpose treating the person who chooses to drink it. This is not only a violation of one’s choice to choose what they put into their own body, but it essentially creates a drugging of the masses without informed consent.

Fluoride sources added by government agencies into their water systems are purchased from industry in the form of unrefined industrial waste products. Industrial plants, which sell their captured waste products to municipalities in the form of hazardous Hydrofluorosilicic acid are shipped in barrels to your local government body before being dumped into your water supply. This practice seems questionable.

As people start putting greater thought into this issue, perhaps we will we one day look back and find Fluoride in the same category as where Tobacco, Lead, DDT and Asbestos once stood. Only time will tell, but this cautionary tale may soon be a toxic footnote in history like the others.  Will water Fluoridation Litigation start taking Shape? My guess is that it can’t be too far around the bend.

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