Pigs in a Pit: Animal Welfare on the Meat Front



I wanted to bring to light the realities of the meat industry. I’d be the first to admit that I enjoy a good piece of steak or ribs every now and then.

However, I came across a clip of South Korean officials performing a government approved “Pig Cull” after discovering traces of foot and mouth disease in the meat supply. This involved the slaughter of over one million pigs in the hopes of eliminating the problem.

To me, it wasn’t so much the decision to slaughter the pigs but the method of performing the slaughter, which raised my eyebrows quite a bit. In particular, hundreds of pigs at a time were pushed into deep pre-dug pits with industrial cranes and piled on top each other before being covered up with dirt and left to suffocate under the weight of other pigs and mounds of dirt.

Of course, to the everyday consumer who doesn’t really concern themselves with what happens behind the scenes on the animal welfare front in the industrialized meat industry, the method would come as quite a surprise. It reminds us that at the end of the day, animals are treated as “property”, or units of production rather than living beings. When these “units of production” are “defective”, they must be disposed of like any other piece of garbage.

Most Consumers would rather listen to their meat sizzle on the grill rather than scream in the factory farm. This video below is a reminder that meat makes noise beyond its sizzle:




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