There are a number of important tips to be aware of afterMVA a car accident. The actions taken (or not taken) by you can go a long way in deciding the success of your personal injury case. Below are 10 Key Legal Tips to be aware of following a car accident.

1. Get the medical attention you require. If this requires calling EMS, do so promptly. Your health is always your first priority. In addition, it is very important to seek medical treatment and report pain about the accident to your family doctor on a consistent basis. Seek a referral to a specialist if need be. This will help with proving your case later.


2. If you are able to, get the other driver’(s) contact information including name, phone number, address, insurance details, make and model of car and plate number.


3. Get the contact information of any witnesses at the scene. This is very important because once the case gets going; the witness’ version of events may support your story and help with proving your case.


4. Take photographs of the damage to the vehicle(s) and of your injuries as soon as possible. This can be useful in explaining how the accident happened. Photographs of your injuries as unsightly as they may appear can go a long way in persuading a jury in ways that written medical records alone may not. Keep track of when the photos were taken and who took them for future reference.


5. Obtain a copy of the Police Report. This piece of documentation is vital because it lists all the parties involved in the accident. Your lawyer will need a copy of this document in order to properly prepare the lawsuit, especially when the deadline to issue a claim is approaching.


6. Be sure to keep track of all of your out of pocket expenses and bills following the accident. This would include physiotherapy bills, pharmacy expenses, housekeeping expenses, costs of assistive devices, and even over the counter medication costs such as Tylenol. These expenses add up so keep good records in order to be able to prove them later.


7. Advise your insurance company of your car accident and request that they send you the necessary forms to be able to apply for accident benefits. However, be wary about giving them any verbal or written statements about your accident without first speaking to an injury lawyer. Also be wary about signing any authorizations or other documents requested by your insurance company without first consulting a lawyer.


8. Report information to police and ambulance personnel as accurately as possible. When asked, mention what hurts you and try to only provide details that you know rather than speculating. Insurance companies will focus on everything you say or don’t say later on.


9. If charged with a traffic offence, pleading guilty may affect your personal injury claim. Therefore, make sure you speak with a personal injury lawyer before pleading guilty if planning to bring a personal injury claim. Pleading guilty might seem like the right thing to do at the time only to cause serious consequences at a later stage.


10. Be aware of all the insurance coverage you have available to you to pay for treatment. Your automobile insurance company is the insurer of last resort so be aware of private coverage you have through the workplace, school or your spouse, which would need to be exhausted first before your auto insurance payments kick in.


Hopefully you are fortunate enough to avoid being involved in a car accident. However, in the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is involved in one, retaining at least some of these tips may be helpful should an injury occur.


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