Stop Feeling Guilty About Suing The Person Who Injured You





In my line of work as a personal injury lawyer, I am often surprised at the number of people who express sheer guilt in pursuing a personal injury claim. I often hear people say, “I feel funny about doing this” or “I’m not in a wheelchair so maybe it’s not worth it”. Is it the polite Canadian in us?

Yes folks, it is ACTUALLY true that good honest people can bring personal injury claims that are not paraplegics. It could be your grandmother, brother or next-door neighbor. Lets not be too quick to pass judgment. Leave that to the courts.

So many clients try to justify why they see me in the first place without me having to even say a word. For example, potential clients may walk in and say off the bat, “ I’m an honest person and it’s not about the money for me, it’s about the principle.” Essentially what they want is justice for their pain and suffering. Justice for their wage loss; and Justice for out of pocket expenses and why shouldn’t they? Why do they feel they need to get defensive when they were the victims of someone else’s negligence?

There is a stigma and perception out there that those bringing injury claims are doing society a disservice or that they are simply trying to make a quick buck after their accident to capitalize on the “Auto Lotto” and suck the insurers dry.

If someone’s negligence causes an injury, the negligent party must own up to compensate for the wrong caused and the law permits this. By the way, the law doesn’t require you to be wheelchair bound or in a full body cast in order to be entitled to compensation. The law will also weed out those with unmeritorious claims and as an injury lawyer, I have turned away cases that simply won’t meet the legal standard.

There are so many cases I deal with that don’t necessarily involve objective injuries yet still deserving of compensation. After all, chronic pain will not show up on an x-ray or an MRI like a fracture would but is just as deserving of compensation.

Every case is different and will be decided on its merits. For a summary of how much money courts have awarded in Ontario for injury cases, check out This Compendium , which does a great job at distilling the damage awards for many cases categorized by body part injured. You will see from the compendium that the great majority of the claimants awarded money are not paralyzed nor are they in a vegetative state. Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong is all it takes.

Don’t feel guilty about bringing a personal injury claim against a wrongdoer if you are suffering. The claim is most likely going to be responded to and paid by an insurance company rather than an individual. If you wait too long you may be out of luck. The insurance companies would love for that to happen. Act fast, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer and see what legal options you may have.


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