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Stop Feeling Guilty About Suing The Person Who Injured You





In my line of work as a personal injury lawyer, I am often surprised at the number of people who express sheer guilt in pursuing a personal injury claim. I often hear people say, “I feel funny about doing this” or “I’m not in a wheelchair so maybe it’s not worth it”. Is it the polite Canadian in us?

Yes folks, it is ACTUALLY true that good honest people can bring personal injury claims that are not paraplegics. It could be your grandmother, brother or next-door neighbor. Lets not be too quick to pass judgment. Leave that to the courts. Read more

Jack Layton Faces Battle Of His Life: Is Private Treatment On The Table?




Jack Layton recently announced his “temporary” hiatus from politics to deal with his personal health crisis. I was flipping through the channels when I came across a sickly looking man who very much resembled Jack Layton. To my surprise, it WAS Jack Layton. His face was thin and bony in appearance and caked with makeup hiding what must have been an even more unsightly look.  I’m not a tailor, but I could see that his suit was at least one size too big on him. He walked to and from the press table with a limp; reliant on the very same cane he held during the election campaign (which was more of a prop than a necessity back then). Read more

The Privatization of Our Prisons: Truth Behind Bars

The privatization of the prison industry gives rise to the concept known as the “Industrial Prison Complex”, the idea that profit drives the growth of the prison industry. This concept is rampant in the United States but Canada could be next. An example of this idea can be demonstrated by the Government outsourcing its management and control of the prison system  to private corporations which may build, operate and run  facilities for the Government in a more efficient manner than what would otherwise be possible. The prison industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

In the United States, which boasts the highest prisoner incarceration rate in the world,   there are several  corporations including Correctional Corporation of America (CCA), amongst others which see opportunity in steadily growing incarceration rates, and overcrowding prisons leading to what has become  a billion dollar a year industry in the United States alone. These companies build, manage and provide services to the prison industry such as healthcare, food, psychiatric, design, and secure transportation services to name but a few.

Read more

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