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There are a number of important tips to be aware of afterMVA a car accident. The actions taken (or not taken) by you can go a long way in deciding the success of your personal injury case. Below are 10 Key Legal Tips to be aware of following a car accident.

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Think Twice Before Releasing the Hounds: Dog Bite Law in Ontario


The joy and happiness of dog ownership has been proven time and time again. However, with dog ownership also comes legal responsibly. After all, dog breeds of all shapes and sizes have the potential to inflict harm to other people or dogs and the legal consequences must be taken seriously.

In Ontario, the Dog Owners’ Liability Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter D.16 (the “Act”) governs the law in relation to dog bites and attacks.

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Injured on Municipal Property? Act Fast




If you are injured on Municipal property in Ontario, there are immediate actions that must be taken failing which you may lose your legal rights to claim against the Municipality. Read more

Words of Wisdom from an Insurance Defence Lawyer: What every injury claimant must know!

Andrew P. Laviolette is an insurance defence lawyer practicing with Brown & Partners LLP

Andrew P. Laviolette is an insurance defence lawyer practicing with Brown & Partners LLP






  is privileged to present our recent interview with Andrew P. Laviolette, a brilliant legal mind blazing a trail in the world of insurance defence.  For those considering starting a lawsuit for a personal injury matter, this interview will provide you with critical insight from the perspective of the insurance defence lawyer. Mr. Laviolette says it like it is so take note and prepare to be informed:

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Contrary to popular belief, most legal cases will NOT go to trial. For those of you who expect a Hollywood style gut wrenching sweat-inducing drama to unfold every time a legal action is started, I’m sorry to disappoint you but you’re better off sticking to your television fantasies.

After all, more than 90% of cases will settle before trial in Ontario. Why might this be? Well, some of the risks of taking a case to trial may just be too great. Some of these risks are outlined below: Read more



With the brisk winter season now upon us, it is important to be aware the dangers of slip and fall accidents particularly for elderly people who will generally face the greatest risks of injury. Each year seniors in Canada report approximately 180,000 falls where injuries are suffered.

By the age of 75, fall injuries are reportedly the leading cause of death among seniors and over 90% of hip fractures in seniors are the result of falls. Unfortunately, 20% of these senior hip fracture victims will die within a year of sustaining their injuries according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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As an injury victim, the law will generally allow you to recover damages for your injuries if you can prove that they were caused by the fault of someone else. To use legal jargon, someone must be “liable”.

Where nobody is liable for your injuries, you are unlikely to be successful in recovering damages for your injuries no matter how badly hurt you are. After all, why would a court order someone to pay you compensation for injuries they were not responsible for?

For example, if you were hurt in a motor vehicle accident after driving your car through a red light and crashing into another car that was obeying its traffic light, it would be very unlikely you would be successful in advancing a claim for damages against the other driver no matter how badly injured you are. Read more







The goal of the legal system is to compensate injured claimants for their loss as a result of an accident or injury whether it is for economic loss, pain and suffering or both.  In either case, there would also need to be a legally responsible party to blame for the loss/injury suffered before compensation can be recovered. Read more

Bringing a Personal Injury Claim: What am I really in for?



Bringing a personal injury claim is a choice. When making this choice to sue for your injuries, you should be aware of some of the realities at play that many clients tend to be unaware of until well into the process.

Bringing an injury claim for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, can get very personal. There may be nothing more uncomfortable than sitting in a room being probed by another lawyer about the details of your injury and how it impacts on the many aspects of your life such as your marriage, sex life, social life, work life etc. However, if you are putting your life at issue as a result of an injury, then you must accept that certain privacy aspects of your life must be examined and tested in order to have your case dealt with as the legal system permits.   Read more

Commercial Host Liability: Would You Like a Cab With That?



Commercial establishments in the business of serving alcohol must be aware of the legal responsibilities expected of them towards their patrons under the eyes of the law. For example, if a clearly drunken patron ends up leaving a bar after a wild night of binge drinking before getting into his/her car and attempting to drive home and violently crashes into a pole, the bar would likely bear a degree of liability for the damages suffered by the drunken patron.

However, over the last 20 years, the courts have further expanded the responsibilities of commercial hosts to include owing a special duty not only to their own patrons, but also to third party users of the road who may become seriously injured or killed as a result of conduct committed by their patrons. This expansion was established in the 1995 Supreme Court of Canada decision of Stewart v. Pettie. In other words, as a commercial host, you can also be on the hook for damages suffered by third parties who were not even present at your establishment so long as their injuries or death were caused by the negligence of an intoxicated patron who had been at your establishment. Read more

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