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Has Your Pet Been Injured or Killed?: Compensation for Emotional Distress on the Rise


Traditionally, pets have been treated as property under the eyes of the law. That being the case, a pet owner attempting to obtain compensation for the death or injury of his/her pet was limited to the fair market value of the pet at the time of loss, plus any related costs incurred (such as veterinarian bills etc.). Thoughts of even awarding a pet owner general damages for “pain and suffering”, “mental and emotional anguish”, or “loss of companionship” for their pet’s loss, death or injury was unheard of in Canada. A pet’s loss was seen as no different  than losing a  Laptop computer or other prized personal property. Read more

Suing For Dummies: Basic Things To Know Before Suing That Jerk


Starting up lawsuits are common occurrences nowadays. For the most part, the olden days of violence to solve money problems have been replaced with the Civil Justice System. Whether it’s collecting on a debt, or disputing a contract obligation, the following basic yet practical information may assist you in your next legal matter.

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Many may argue that the Ontario Small Claims Court system is a sad legal mechanism for carrying out effective justice. That I do not doubt. However, I believe the answer really depends on who you ask. The Small Claims Court is designed to be “For The People”, but in practice, the procedures and formalities are enough to confuse many lawyers at times. Navigating the Small Claims Court system without a solid legal understanding can be like Scuba Diving with an air tank full of hornets.  From the layman’s stand point; the small claims court system is an inconvenient process with legal headaches and complexities beyond belief. For the young lawyer however, it may be just the perfect training ground. Read more

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