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HERPES IS NO ACCIDENT ACCORDING TO SUPREME COURT OF CANADA: Co-operators Life Insurance Co. v. Gibbens, 2009 SCC 59

In January and February of 2003, Mr. Gibbens engaged in unprotected sex with several women, which resulted in him acquiring genital herpes. This triggered a medical condition known as transverse myelitis, which paralyzed him from the mid-abdominal region down, in what was no doubt a rare occurrence.

Mr. Gibbens had an insurance policy, which provided coverage for losses sustained “as a direct result of Critical Disease or resulting directly and independently of all other causes from bodily injuries occasioned solely through external violent and accidental means, without negligence.

The insurance policy contained a section, which provided coverage for certain enumerated “Critical Disease[s]” but transverse myelitis was not included in that list. As a result, Mr. Gibbens decided to claim compensation in the policy amount of $200,000 on the basis of his condition, being the result of an “accident”. The term “accident” was not defined in the policy. Read more

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