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Common Misconceptions About Your Injury Claim

In my legal practice, I have come across a few common misconceptions from clients that I would like to share with you below:


1.  If I go back to work, it will only hurt my case so I will stay unemployed during the duration of my case and turn down any opportunities until my case is settled:

There may very well be circumstances preventing you from going back to your pre-accident employment. This might include a doctor’s recommendation or an impairment preventing you from returning to your pre-accident duties. However, to say you will not return to the workplace because it makes you look “less injured” is not a good enough reason. Deciding not to return to work without first making any sort of reasonable attempt to at least inquire about or try doing modified duties or hours would likely raise suspicions of the insurance company on the other side (who ultimately may settle with you or choose to offer you less if anything).  If your case proceeds to trial, ultimately the jury will decide the outcome. As a result, if they sense you are being dishonest, their suspicions may also be triggered resulting in a less desired outcome. Read more

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